An Alkylated Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluid with Broad Operating Temperature Range of -110°F to 600°F (-80°C to 315°C).
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Product Overview

DOWTHERM™ J offers remarkable low-temperature pumpability and thermal stability for protection against accidental overheating.

DOWTHERM™ J heat transfer fluid brings exceptional performance for liquid phase pressurized systems and in some cases can eliminate the need for steam tracing.

DOWTHERM™ J is an ideal choice for single fluid heating and cooling applications like batch processing. DOWTHERM™ J is noncorrosive towards metals and alloys commonly used in system design.

Product Specifications

Operating Temperature Range: -110°F to 600°F (-80°C to 315°C)
Vapor Pressure: 174.52
Specific Heat: 0.376°F
Viscosity: 9.67
Density: 54.13 lb/ft³
Freezing Point: <-100°F
Flash Point: 136°F
Autoignition: 788°F
Average Molecular Weight: 134

Primary Chemistry: Alkylated aromatic
Features & Benefits
Liquid and vapor phase compatible Excellent low temperature properties Fluid of choice for the most demanding single fluid heating and cooling applications (batch processing)
Problems Solved
Poor Low Temp Thermal Fluid Pumpability
Excessive System Flushes for Stream/Brine or Steam/Glycol Systems
Heat Transfer System Corrosion and Pipe Damage
Impurities in Heat Transfer Fluid

DOWTHERM™ J fluid can be used in a wide variety of low and high temperature applications. Including but not limited to:
Pressurized Liquid Phase Systems
Chemical Processing
Vapor Phase Systems
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Environmental Test Chambers
Fiber Spinning
Batch Processing