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Ingredion® Stevia Solutions for Sugar Reduction

Ingredion® has an extensive line of high potency sweeteners.  Since these non-nutritive, leaf-based sweeteners are derived from the stevia leaf, they are natural, allowing for a “no artificial sweetener” label claim.  With consumers that are increasingly more health conscious, stevia provides the benefits of reduced sugar and fewer calories.

Review the Ingredion® stevia options to find the one that's right for your food or beverage needs.

Cost-optimized stevia sweetener blends

  • Flavor benefits of next-generation stevia
  • 200-300x sweeter than sugar
  • ​Each system is designed to answer a sugar-reduction goal

Products Available:

ENLITEN® Fusion 9200
ENLITEN® Fusion 7200
ENLITEN® Fusion 6400
ENLITEN® Fusion 5600


Traditional 1st generation Reb A stevia leaf extracts

  • Wide range of Reb A purity levels from 60% to 97%
  • Ideal for low levels of sugar reduction
  • Reliable consistent quality and traceability batch after batch​

Products Available:

Reb A 97%
Reb A 95%
Reb A 80%
Reb A 60% ​


Next-generation, high-purity stevia from the leaf
  • High purity (Reb M or Reb D) Stevia leaf-based sweeteners
  • Clean taste; no bitterness
  • Higher sweetness potential enables higher levels of sugar replacement
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Derived from proprietary high yield stevia varietals

Products Available:

PureCircle Reb M 95%
ENLITEN® Reb D 95%


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