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PureCircle™ by Ingredion Stevia Solutions

Stevia extract, steviosides, steviol glycosides, rebaudioside A—with many different terms used for stevia extract, including all the various brand names, it can be challenging to choose the right stevia extract for your products. This article will help simplify commonly used stevia terminology, introduce PureCircle™ by Ingredion stevia sweeteners, discuss characteristics of available stevia extract powders and liquids, and recommend which extracts work best in various food, beverage, and nutraceutical applications. 

Clarifying Stevia Extract Terminology 

The Stevia rebaudiana plant has been harvested for centuries for its food and medicinal benefits. Modern-day stevia sweeteners are purified from the crude Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract into various steviol glycosides, including stevioside, dulcoside A, rebaudioside A, rebaudiosides B–F, rubusoside, and steviolbioside. Steviosides are the most abundant glycosides and impart the characteristic of lingering bitter or licorice-tasting notes. Purified rebaudioside A (Reb A) is the least bitter of all the steviol glycosides. However, there is a new rebaudioside M (Reb M) from PureCircle™ by Ingredion that is a unique compound produced from fermented sugarcane. It is free from stevia’s characteristic bitter notes, making it a great choice for formulations.

Choosing the Right Stevia Extract

From gummy candies to beverages to fruit sauces to powdered dietary supplement premixes, each product poses unique challenges when formulating with sweetener ingredients. PureCircle™ stevia sweeteners are all pH stable, heat stable, and used at low concentrations. 

Trending Ingredients

Novel ingredient developments

  • Natural & non-GMO
  • Reb M from fermented sugarcane or stevia
  • Cleanest taste; no bitterness
  • Higher sweetness potential for sugar replacement
Products Available:
Reb M 90%

Category Ingredients


PureCircle™ Sigma Solutions

  • Specialized select extracts of stevia
  • Optimized to enhance flavor and sweetness
  • Designed to address the unique challenges of different categories
Products Available:
PSB 1039 Sigma-D

Foundation Ingredients

Gold-standard stevia leaf extracts

  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Ideal for low levels of sugar reduction
  • Reliable consistent quality and traceability batch after batch​
Products Available:
Reb A 95%
Reb A 97%

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