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Silicone Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Extreme Conditions

High Performance Silicone Adhesives

Adhesives used for basic tape, label, or assembly applications are usually based on acrylic or rubber technologies. These adhesives are cost-effective but often fall short when exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Thus, while an acrylic or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) may be appropriate for packaging tapes or paper labels, a more robust PSA is required in automotive or aerospace applications, for example. 

Momentive's SilGrip™ pressure-sensitive adhesives are designed to hold up in applications where other adhesives fail. They excel in providing high-performance adhesion in extreme environments, as the silicone backbone of SilGrip™ PSAs allows for maintained flexibility and adhesion, even in the most challenging environments. 

SilGrip™ PSA529 & PSA6573A

Momentive’s traditional PSA offerings focused on pressure-sensitive adhesives for the tape and label markets. Now, this same proven technology is available in a contact adhesive format that can be applied to various assembly applications. SilGrip™ PSA529 and PSA6573A offer outstanding adhesion to both rigid and flexible substrates, even those with low surface energies. These PSAs may be applied by hand or using machine-applied coating methods, such as gravure coating. 
These PSAs are based on methyl silicone gum that is chemically resistant and shows minimal change when exposed to extreme weather and large temperature changes, which commonly occur in aerospace, military, and automotive applications. In addition, PSA529 and PSA6573 offer superior electrical insulation due to their inherent dielectric properties. They are also used in cable wrap applications to shield wires and cables from electrically conductive environments. 
PSA529 is well balanced for peel, cohesive, and lap shear strength and facilitates room-temperature cure when paired with the SRC18 catalyst. PSA6573A exhibits slightly less tack than PSA529 but higher shear and creep resistance than most other silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives. It has exceptional adhesion to low surface energy substrates like polyolefins, polyesters, and even fluoropolymers, such as PTFE. Both PSAs may be blended with resin dispersions like SR545 to modify tack, peel, and shear properties. When using SR545, peel and shear strength will increase while tack will decrease. 
See the videos below for more details about these silicone adhesives and how to use them properly. 

Introduction to PSA529 & PSA6573A

How to Use PSA529 & PSA6573A

Technical features, physical properties, and general use instructions for these pressure-sensitive adhesives are outlined in the data sheets linked below. ChemPoint has dedicated product specialists to answer questions and assist with your application. Feel free to contact us here for help. 
SilGrip™ PSA529                                                 SilGrip™ PSA6573A

Benefits Summary of SilGrip™ Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives


SilGrip™ adhesives offer peel strength over 2000 g/in and perform well in high-shear applications. 

SilGrip™ adhesives can bond difficult low surface energy substrates, such as silicones, plastics, and foils. 

SilGrip™ provides consistent adhesive performance that can be achieved from −73°C to 204°C. 


SilGrip™ adhesives show minimal degradation from harsh chemicals and environmental exposure. 

SilGrip™ adhesives are excellent insulators and isolate cables in electrical environments. 

SilGrip™ is the choice adhesive for applications that require oxygen-permeable films. 

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