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PARALOID™ Processing Aids for Improved LVT Manufacturing

PARALOID™ Impact Modifier and Processing Aid Solutions For Improved LVT Manufacturing

With the rising demand for higher durability and performance in luxury vinyl flooring, Cost-efficiency and customizable solutions become a necessity to improve each layer in the composite LVT structure.

PARALOID™ impact modifiers and processing aids from Dow offer the best in class solution to help you achieve the desired uniformity, strength, and desired quality in your luxury vinyl tiles and flooring products.

PARALOID™ Applications In LVT Flooring Layers


PARALOID™ Processing Aids


PARALOID™ processing aids are an excellent choice to improve the performance attributes of the vinyl tiles and flooring foamed layers.

PARALOID™ K Processing Aids are featured with optimum melt strength the provide enhanced foam processing and lower density which yield higher foam expansion and ultra-fine cell structure.

Additionally, Dow processing aids provide cell structure uniformity, elastic balance and prevent cell collapse and rupture.

PARALOID™ processing aids are ideal options for PVC solid and flexible layers in vinyl flooring luxury tile applications.

PARALOID™ K Processing Aids are engineered with high molecular weight to provide fast fusion times, rheology modification properties and high melt strength for optimal and smooth processing, including extrusion and calendering.

Additionally, PARALOID™ K-175 offers exceptional lubrication performance for improved metal release, better run time, and minimal plate-out.

PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers

PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers are used in vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl flooring to provide superior impact resistance, enhanced ductility and improve the durability and performance of exterior and interior vinyl flooring products. They are typically added to the PVC solid core and flexible layers, where strength and resistance are required for improved product durability.
  • PARALOID™ KM 334 is an excellent acrylic-based impact modifier with optimal melt strength for exterior vinyl application
  •  PARALOID™ KM 5000 is an ideal 2-In-1 option. It provides excellent impact resistance without the need for processing aids in vinyl tiles and flooring applications.
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