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PATIONIC® is Now Kosher

PATCO's bio-based solutions can now be used in even more plastic applications, as PATIONIC® polymer additives can be included in your Kosher formulations. Due to rising demand across the food industry for Kosher certified ingredients, this requirement is now applied to the materials compounded into plastic packaging applications.

PATIONIC® polymer additives can meet that increased market demand and has been awarded a Kosher certification by the global association, Orthodox Union (OU/Circle U). With Kosher certification, the PATIONIC® plastic additive portfolio provides international manufacturers of food packaging and contact products the ability to pivot with food industry trends. 

These bio-based glycerol esters' unique mechanical properties allow compounders, concentrate manufacturers, and resin producers to improve the overall performance in polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and engineering thermoplastics. Polymer manufacturers, producers, suppliers, and compounders can realize the time, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits when applying the PATIONIC® product portfolio to their processes. Corbion bio-based polymer additives serve as internal lubricants, dispersants, blocking agents, acid neutralizers, anti-static agents, and processing aids.

PATIONIC® glycerol esters offer the following benefits:

  • High chemical purity and compatibility with multiple polymer systems 
  • Uniform distribution to avoid agglomeration of EPS beads during processing
  • FDA Clearances for the use of glycerol esters in food-contact plastic materials
  • Kosher certifications of glycerol ester additives for food packaging plastics

PATIONIC® glycerol esters are highly effective food-grade polymer additives when compounded into the base resin to provide internal mold release capabilities and static dissipation.

In combination with their certified Kosher status, PATIONIC® performance additives provide the following benefits below:


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