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Pationic® 907

Pationic® 907 is a 94.5% unsaturated, distilled monoglyeride and mixed with Asorbic Acid and Tocopherols


425lb Drum



Product Overview

Derived from natural fats and oils, this is often used as internal lubricant in PVC, and can also be used as an anti-fogging agent, flow modifier, and dispersing agent.

Product Specifications

Free Fatty Acid 1.20% Max
Free Glycerine 1.20% Max
Iodine Value 80 Min 115 Max
Monoglyceride 94.50% Min
Peroxide Value meq/kg: 2.00 max

Primary Chemistry: Distilled monoglyceride

Features & Benefits

FDA Approved
Wash off resistant
Kosher Certified

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Pationic® Glycerol Esters

Pationic® glycerol esters are food-grade polymer additives based on glycerol ester, lactate, and stearoyl lactylate chemistries. Specific grades are further classified into distilled monoglyceride, mono/diglyceride, glycerol tristearate, lactylate, and lactate salt categories, while exact grades are picked based upon the amount of mono content required. All products are also FDA-compliant.

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