Pationic® 915

Pationic® 915 is a glycerol monostearate (GMS) with 95% monoglyceride
Product Overview
Derived from natural fats and oils, this is often used as internal lubricant in PVC, and can also be used as an anti fogging agent, flow modifier, and dispersing agent.
Product Specifications
Free Fatty Acid
1.2% Max
Free Glycerine 1.5% Max
Iodine Value 5 Max
Monoglyceride 92% Min

Primary Chemistry: Mono- and Diglycerides
Features & Benefits
FDA Approved
Produced to polymer additive heat stability standards
Kosher Certified
Problems Solved
Poor heat stability and resistance of internal lubricants in high-temperature processes
Static charge formation on polyolefin plastics
Fusion of molded parts with the mold during the manufacturing processes