Industrial Lubricant Additives
Afton Chemical

Industrial Lubricant Additives

Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids, Compressor Oils, Turbine Oils, Circulating Oils, Gear Oils, Greases, and Slideway Lubricants

Product Description

Afton Industrial Additives are tailored to meet the needs of specific applications, whether it be a hydraulic fluid, turbine oil, gear oil, grease, or slideway lubricant. These unique formulations reduce metal-on-metal friction, minimize sludge, and prevent contamination.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
HiTEC® 510M Ashless performance additive for formulating slideway oils, hydraulic fluids and industrial gear lubricants. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 008 Seal swell agent (adipate ester) for industrial and automotive lubricants formulated with group I-IV base oil. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 082 Seal swell agent (alkylated sulfone) for industrial and automotive lubricants. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 152 Multi-use tackifier for use in a variety of lubricant & grease formulations. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 1811 Biodegradable hydraulic oil additive. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 2030 Non-silicone defoamer additive designed for use in driveline and industrial lubricants. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 2505 Premium ashless turbine additive package. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 2510F Antiwear hydraulic additive package with added rust protection & antifoam performance. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 2571 Premium rust & oxidation (R&O) turbine oil additive package. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 2588 Premium R&O additive package formulated for enhanced protection to filter plugging in contaminated oils. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 2607 Premium mainstream turbine additive package, phenolic-free. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 302 Cost effective additive package for lubricant formulating in high water environments and heavy mechanical operations. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 307 Premium high performance gear oil additive for wind turbine and industrial gear fluids. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 312G Extreme pressure grease additive for applications requiring heavy load carrying capabilities. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 317 Industrial gear oil additive for premium tier "clean-gear" performance. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 350 A versatile gear oil additive designed for both automotive & industrial lubricant manufacturing. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 350G Multifunctional EP/AW additive for grease formulating. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 352 Premium gear oil additive package, meets latest requirements from flender. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 511T Zinc-free ashless AW/EP additive for formulating a variety of industrial oils and greases as well as metalworking fluids and coolants. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 5200 Ashless air compressor oil additive package. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 521 Premium antiwear hydraulic additive package that can be used at a range of treat rates for different fluid performance. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 521F Premium antiwear hydraulic additive package, with added antifoam performance. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 523 Low zinc hydraulic additive package. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 538 Neutral corrosion inhibitor for use in a variety of industrial lubricant and grease formulations. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 543 Premium ashless hydraulic additive package designed with the environment in mind. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 544 Mainstream zinc-free antiwear hydraulic additive package. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 552 High performance grease additive package. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 552H Premium performance grease componentry with EP/AW protection and superior oxidative and thermal stability. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 558 Corrosion Inhibitor with added extreme pressure and antiwear performance. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 559 Cost efficient corrosion inhibitor additive for formulating industrial lubricants. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 5785H Shear stable viscosity index improver for multigrade hydraulic oil formulations. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 587 Premium grease additive package for extreme pressure and corrosion protection. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 596 Quench oil performance additive package. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 637 Ashless dispersant additive for industrial lubricant formulating. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 7389 Multipurpose thickener for use in formulating a variety of automotive and industrial oils. Cost effective alternative to 40 & 100 cSt PAO. SDS* TDS