Self nucleating chemical blowing agent for thermoplastics and rubber that prevents cyanuric acid plate-out forming deposits on dies, molds, and screws.
Product Overview
CELOGEN® 760A is a self-nucleating chemical blowing agent designed for thermoplastics and rubber. It prevents the formation of cyanuric acid deposits on dies, molds and screws. CELOGEN® 760A has a very small particle size and a high decomposition temperature.
Product Specifications
Form: Light yellow free flowing powder
Particle size: 4 μm
Specific gravity: 2.06
Decomposition point: 200-205°C (394-401°F)
Gas yield: 160 ml/g (polymer dependent)
Primary Chemistry: Non-Plateout Azodicarbonamide
Features & Benefits
Prevents cyanuric acid plate-out deposits on screws, dies, and mold surfaces
Self nucleating
Food contact approvals
Problems Solved
Plate-out issues in extrusion applications
Deposits on the molding or extrusion machine parts
Activator required for blowing or foaming agents