Azodicarbonamide foaming agent for producing many types of polymeric and elastomeric closed-cell foams. Similar to CELOGEN® AZ9370 but with a larger particle size.
Product Overview
CELOGEN® AZ1901 is a chemical foaming agent that produces a fine, uniform, closed cell structure. It has a relatively high decomposition temperature and small particle size.

CELOGEN® AZ1901 can be catalyzed by a variety of chemicals. Strong activators like zinc oxide, zinc stearate, and ACTICELL® U; moderate activators like barium stearate, calcium stearate, citric acid, and triethanolamine; or weak activators like adipic acid, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, and calcium oxide.
Product Specifications
Form: Yellow-orange powder
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C: 1.66
Decomposition Point: about 190-220 °C
Gas Yield: 220 ml/g
Decomposition Gases: N₂, CO₂, CO, NH₃
Particle Size: 14.1-16 µm
Soluble: Alkaline solutions
Insoluble: Most organic solvents, water
Primary Chemistry: Azodicarbonamide
Features & Benefits
Decomposition residue is white
Moderate particle size
Food contact approvals
Problems Solved
Blowing agent's small particle size
Foaming or blowing agent is not compatible with polyolefins and rubber resins
Sponge rubber, expanded plastics