DryFilm RA-IPA Dispersion

DryFilm RA-IPA is a dispersion of PTFE at 25% solids in IPA and is commonly used as a dry lubricant, mold release agent, and coating additive.
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Product Overview
DryFilm RA-IPA consists of PTFE particles dispersed in IPA. It is used to form thin film coatings with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Films formed by DryFilm RA-IPA are chemically inert, nonmigrating, and thermally stable making it an ideal dry lubricant, mold release agent, and anti-fouling additive.
Product Specifications
Solids, wt%: 25
Melting Point: 300 °C (581 °F)
Molecular Weight: 3000
Density, g/cc: 2.2
Particle Size, μm:
Mean: 3.7, Range: 1-15
Volatiles %: 75
Odor: Alcohol
Form: Fluid Dispersion
Color: Translucent White
Specific gravity: 0.94
Density, lb/gal: 7.8
Solvent: IPA
Primary Chemistry: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Features & Benefits
Thermally stable up to 300°F
Low coefficient of friction
Superior effectiveness as a dry lubricant
Enhance lubricity
Non sticky
Promote thickening
Retard fouling
Non migrating
Problems Solved
Excessive friction in assembly applications.
Poor release of plastics and elastomers from molds.
Squeaking and vibration of moving parts.

DryFilm RA-IPA is an ideal mold release agent for challenging molding applications. DryFilm RA-IPA is unaffected by mold materials and will typically provide multiple releases between applications without transfer to the molded part.

Films of DryFilm RA-IPA are commonly used as a dry lubricant for applications that require smooth repeated movements such as gears, electrical switches, and bearings.

DryFilm RA-IPA is used extensively in automotive assembly to keep automated process running smoothly and efficiently. It is an ideal lubricant for interior automotive parts where oils and greases are too messy and friction leads to excessive cabin noise.

DryFilm RA-IPA can be added to other liquids like coatings and greases to improve lubricity and prevent fouling.