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METHOCEL™ E6 Premium LV container
METHOCEL™ E6 Premium LV is a Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener which yields a very low viscosity of 6 cP. It is a pharmaceutical grade.
LUDOX® AM, 30% Silica container
LUDOX® AM is an aqueous dispersion of silica that has been modified to be stable over a wide pH range. It is used primarily as as a binder & flocculant.
POLYOX™ WSR N10 container
POLYOX™ WSR N10 is a water soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is typically used as a film former in seed coating, seed tape, and water soluble packaging
Epolene® N-35 Polymer container
Epolene® N-35 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax that is used as a mold release aid and pigment dispersant in plastic applications.
DryFilm 2000/IPA Dispersion container
DryFilm 2000/IPA Dispersion is a highly stable dry lubricant based on PTFE that is used in blade coating and grease thickening applications
DryFilm RA-IPA Dispersion container
DryFilm RA-IPA is a dispersion of PTFE at 25% solids in IPA and is commonly used as a dry lubricant, mold release agent, and coating additive.
Epolene® C-16P Polymer container
Epolene® C-16P is a maleic anhydride modified, low density, powdered polyethylene wax . It is used as a base polymer in heat seal coatings and adhesives.
Capstone™ FS-30 container
Capstone™ FS-30 is an non-ionic, aqueous, fluorosurfactant. It is used as a wetting and leveling agent in paints, inks, and coatings.
POLYOX™ WSR 1105 container
POLYOX™ WSR 1105 is a non-ionic poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is typically used as a thickener and binder in coatings, inks and adhesives.
LUDOX® TMA container
LUDOX® TMA is an anionic colloidal silica designed to be stable over a broad pH range. It is used to prepare "hybrid" binders for slurries used in casting.
Sodium PYRION™ 40% container
Antimicrobial preservative (sodium pyrithione) used in a variety of water-based functional fluids and coatings to protect against micro-organisms.
CELLOSIZE™ EP-09 container
CELLOSIZE™ EP-09 is a hydrocolloid based emulsion stabilizer that is used to sterically stabilize latex emulsions and reduce the chance of coalescence.
Epolene® C-16 Polymer container
Epolene C-16 is a polyethylene wax modified with maleic anhydride. It is an ideal base polymer for heat seal coatings for paper, foil, and polyolefin films.
LUDOX® TM-50 container
LUDOX® TM-50 is a dispersion of anionic silica with a particle size of 22 nm. It is often used as a frictionizing agent in paper and textile coatings.
Capstone™ FS-31 container
Capstone™ FS-31 is a nonionic fluorosurfactant used as a wetting and leveling aid in water-based and solvent-based coatings, inks, and cleaners.
Capstone™ FS-60 container
Capstone™ FS-60 is an anionic fluorosurfactant that dramatically reduces the surface tension of aqueous floor care, paint, coating, and ink formulations.
Capstone™ FS-63 container
Capstone™ FS-63 is an anionic fluorosurfactant that is designed for use in water-based paints & coatings to improve wetting, leveling, anti-blocking, and dirt pick up resistance.
CELLOSIZE™ QP-52000H  container
CELLOSIZE™ QP-52000H is a high molecular weight water-soluble thickener. It is commonly used in adhesives and cleaning products.
Methyl Acrylate container
Methyl acrylate is most commonly used as a co-monomer in the production of carpet fiber and to make intermediates for various pharmaceutical products.
LUDOX® SM container
LUDOX® SM contains amorphous colloidal silica with a particle size of 7 nm. It is a highly temperature stable binder used in coatings and refractories.
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