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Tyzor® GBA, titanium acetylacetonates container
Tyzor® GBA is a freeze-resistant titanium acetylacetonate. It is commonly used in inks and coatings to improve drying, durability, and adhesion.
Tyzor® NPZ, zirconium tetra-n-propanolate container
Tyzor® NPZ is a reactive alkoxy zirconate that is used as a cross linking agent for dispersions of guar used in oil well fracturing fluids.
DIABEAM UM-1280T container
DIABEAM™ UM-1280T is a radiation curable top coat formulated for excellent adhesion to the vapor disposition layer of aluminum, tin, indium and plastic substrates.
Para-Tertiary-Butylphenol (PTBP) container
Para-Tertiary-Butylphenol (PTBP) chemical intermediate offers an alternative replacement for phenols in the polymer manufacturing industry.
Tyzor® OGT, octyleneglycol titanate container
Tyzor® OGT is an alkoxy titanate that is less sensitive to moisture than other ortho titanates. It is used as a cross linking agent in paints and sealants.
DryFilm RA Dispersion container
DryFilm RA is a dispersion of PTFE in a hydrofluorocarbon solvent. It is used as a dry lubricant for applications that require smooth repeated motions.
CAB-500-5 container
CAB-500-5 is a medium molecular weight cellulose acetate polymer with high butyrate content. It is commonly used as a film former in coatings and inks.
CP 343-1-25% Xylene container
CP 343-1-25% is a solution based chlorinated polyolefin that is used as an adhesion promoting resin in primer formulations for untreated polypropylene.
Tyzor® TnBT, tetra-n-butyl titanate container
Tyzor® TnBT is a highly reactive alkoxy titanate that is commonly used as a Lewis acid catalyst in esterification, condensation, and addition reactions.
LUDOX® AM-FS container
LUDOX® AM-FS is a freeze-stable grade of colloidal silica used as a binder in ceramic, water-based adhesive, and latex paint applications. It is also stable in a wide range of pH.
Eastman MTBHQ Dry container
Secondary inhibitor (co-inhibitor) and antioxidant for nonfood fats and oils.
DryFilm RA-W Dispersion container
DryFilm RA-W is a water based dispersion of PTFE that is used as a dry lubricant and mold release in applications requiring low VOC emissions.
CAB-551-0.01 Food Contact container
CAB 551-0.01 Food Contact is a low–molecular weight, cellulose acetate butyrate polymer with a high butyrate content. It is approved for use in food contact applications.
CA-398-30 container
CA-398-30 is a high molecular weight cellulose acetate polymer typically used as a membrane material and as a resin modifier for molded and extruded parts.
CAB-381-20 BP container
CAB-381-20 BP is high molecular weight cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) polymer. It is designed to have a lower solution viscosity and is an ideal film former for high solids solvent-based coatings.
CP 343-3-25% Xylene container
CP 343-3-25% is a highly compatible, solution grade adhesion promoter that can be used as a primer or stir-in additive for inks, coatings, and adhesives.
Tyzor® BTM container
Tyzor® BTM is an alkoxy titanate that is extremely reactive to moisture. It is used as a catalyst for polymerization and as a cross-linker in coatings.
LUDOX® HS-30-FS container
LUDOX® HS-30FS is a colloidal silica with a particle size of 12 nm. It is freeze stabilized and used as a binder in coatings applied in low temperatures.
POLYOX™ WSR N60K container
POLYOX™ WSR N60K is a water soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is commonly used as a thickener, binder, and emollient in personal care applications.
Capstone™ FS-3100 container
Capstone™ FS-3100 is a 100% solids nonionic fluorosurfactant. It is used as a wetting and leveling aid in water-based, solvent-based, and 100% solids coating, ink, and paint formulations.
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