DryFilm RA-W Dispersion

DryFilm RA-W is a water based dispersion of PTFE that is used as a dry lubricant and mold release in applications requiring low VOC emissions.
Product Overview
DryFilm RA-W is a dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene at 20% solids in water. It can be applied to surfaces by dip coating, spraying or brushing to form films with a very low coefficient of friction. Films of DryFilm RA-W are thermally stable, chemically inert, and nonmigrating This makes them ideally suited for use as a mold release agent, dry lubricant, and anti-fouling additive.
Product Specifications
Solids, wt%: 20
Melting Point: 300 °C (581 °F)
Molecular Weight: 3000
Density, g/cc: 2.2
Particle Size, μm:
Mean: 3.7, Range: 1-15
Volatiles %: 80
Odor: Slightly Sweet
Form: Fluid Dispersion
Color: Creamy White
Specific gravity: 1.1
Density, lb/gal: 9.2
Solvent: Water
Primary Chemistry: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Features & Benefits
Thermally stable up to 300°F
Low coefficient of friction
Superior effectiveness as a dry lubricant
Enhance lubricity
Promote thickening
Retard fouling
Problems Solved
VOC restrictions in applications that require lubrication.
Excessive friction that causes damage or wear to moving parts.
Squeaking, buzzing, and rattling in automotive interiors.

DryFilm RA-W is commonly used as a mold release agent in applications where the use of solvents is limited. Air dried films of DryFilm RA-W will provide multiple releases between applications even when used with the most challenging of materials like epoxy resins.

DryFilm RA-W can be added to other water-based coatings and lubricants to improve lubricity, prevent fouling, and increase viscosity.

DryFilm RA-W can be used on its own as a dry lubricant for gears, bearings, electrical switches, or anything else that requires smooth repeated movement. It is often used as a dry lubricant in automotive applications where the use of a traditional lubricant is too messy or laborious such as automotive interior and assembly.