Pationic® 1068 is a glycerol mono stearate product with Propyl Gallate and no more than 0.01% Critic Acid (as preservative)
Product Overview
Derived from natural fats and oils, this is often used as internal lubricant in PVC, and can also be used as an antifogging agent, flow modifier and dispersing agent.
Product Specifications
Free Fatty Acid 1% Max
Free Glycerine 1.5% Max
Iodine Value 70 Min 80 Max
Monoglyceride 52% Min
Primary Chemistry: Glycerol Monooleate
Features & Benefits
FDA Approved
Excellent pigment dispersion
Anti-fogging and internal lubrication properties
Problems Solved
Agglomeration of pigments and dyes dispersing difficulties
Fogging issues in plastic and polymer applications
Inadequate internal lubrication in the manufacturing of PE and PVC materials