ADCOTE™ 37P295-BW is a water-based, heat seal coating used in flexible packaging applications for food and pharmaceuticals.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 37P295-BW is a water-based, heat seal coating based on ethylene vinyl acetate. ADCOTE™ 37P295-BW can be applied and sealed to a broad list of substrates commonly used in flexible packaging. It is recommended to be applied to polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, and paper at a coating weight 2.0-4.0 lbs per ream to form a non-blocking coating with excellent clarity. The coating can be subsequently sealed, using heat and pressure, to polyethylene, polypropylene, paperboard, HIPS, or PVDC. The broad FDA compliance of ADCOTE™ 37P295-BW makes it an ideal heat seal coating for food and pharmaceutical packaging applications. The low activation temperature or ADCOTE™ 37P295-BW and the peelable bonds that it forms, make it an excellent adhesive for manufacturing blister packs for food and pharmaceuticals.
Product Specifications
Solids: 40%
Viscosity: 75 cps @ 77°F
Density: 8.2 lb/gal
pH: 10
Shelf life (unopened) 360 days
Freeze/thaw stability: None
Minimum heat activation range: 160°F - 250°F
Primary Chemistry: Ethylene copolymer, EVA
Features & Benefits
Broad FDA compliance
Adhesion to a large variety of substrates
Excellent heat seal performance
Low activation temperature
Forms peelable bonds
Low odor
Outstanding clarity
Problems Solved
FDA regulations regarding the use of adhesives in food packaging applications
Heat seal coating that will only adhere to select substrates
Heat seal forms bonds that are too strong to be peelable
Activation temperature of the heat seal adhesive damages the substrate
Flexible Packaging; Food Packaging; Blister Packs; Coating Resin; Industrial Adhesive