LUDOX® CL-P is an acidic aqueous dispersion of surface treated silica. It carries a positive surface charge and is used as a frictionizing aid for paper.
Product Overview
LUDOX® CL-P is an acidic, 30% aqueous dispersion of surface treated silica with a particle size of 22 nm. It is an effective surface modifier for applications where friction needs to be increased to prevent slip and skid. LUDOX® CL-P is specially formulated for easy clean up from metal surfaces of standard coating equipment and can applied directly to surfaces as applied to increase the coefficient of friction. It is also unique in the sense that it is one of a few grades of colloidal silica that has an acidic pH.
Product Specifications
Density (g/cm³, lb/gal): 1.3, 10.8
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) °C/°F: 100/212
Melting Point °C/°F: 0/32
Vapor Pressure (25°C) mm Hg: 24
Vapor Pressure (38°C) mm Hg: 48
Stabilizing Counter Ion: Chloride
Particle Charge: Positive
Biocide ppm: 25
Primary Chemistry: Colloidal Silica
Features & Benefits
Positively charged particles
Intermediate Particle Size
Stable in Acidic pH (3-5)
Contains No VOC
Easier to Clean Up
Excellent for Surface Modification
Adheres to Negatively Charged Surfaces
Problems Solved
Slipping of paper and films during storage and transport.
Telescoping of rolled paper and films.
Inconsistent print quality caused by surface defects in paper.

LUDOX® CL-P is an efficient surface modifier for paper, corrugated sheets, box-board, liner-board and boxes. In these applications it provides added friction in order to prevent slip. LUDOX® CL-P can be applied directly to paper surfaces without prior agitation to produce a clear coating with a high coefficient of friction. This coating also helps to improve ink retention and improve print quality on paper.