LUDOX® CL-X is an aqueous dispersion of 22 nanometer amorphous silica particles that is used to add friction to paper, linerboard, and corrugated sheets.
Product Overview
LUDOX® CL-X is an alkaline, 45% solids dispersion of amorphous silica that is used primarily as a surface modifier to improve anti-slip properties. LUDOX® CL-X is formulated with ethylene glycol to make clean up from coating equipment easier and the alkaline pH of LUDOX CL-X makes it more compatible with mild steel used in coating equipment than other silica product used for similar applications.
Product Specifications
Density (g/cm³, lb/gal): 1.37, 11.4
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) °C/°F: 100/212
Melting Point °C/°F: 0/32
Vapor Pressure (25°C) mm Hg: 24
Vapor Pressure (38°C) mm Hg: 48
Stabilizing Counter Ion: Sodium
Particle Charge: Negative
Biocide ppm: 500
Primary Chemistry: Colloidal Silica
Features & Benefits
Anionic Particles
Intermediate Particle Size
Narrow Particle Size Distribution
Compatible with Mild Steel
Alkaline pH Stability
Excellent Surface Modification
Outstanding Formulation Stability
Formulated with Ethylene Glycol for Easy Clean Up
Problems Solved
Telescoping of paper rolls caused by a low coefficient of friction on the paper surface.
Slipping of stacked cardboard and paper during transport and storage.
Difficulty cleaning paper coating equipment.
LUDOX CL-X is an ideal surface modifier for paper, corrugated sheets, box-board, liner-board and boxes.
LUDOX CL-X is specially formulated to be easily applied to paper surfaces and produce a transparent coating with excellent anti-skid properties.
This coating also improves the retention of ink and thus print quality on paper surfaces.