Synthetic PAO Based Gear and Bearing Oil (ISO 220).
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Product Overview
ANDEROL® 5220 is a heavy duty polyalphaolefin synthetic gear and bearing lubricant (ISO 220). ANDEROL® 5220 is particularly well suited for applications with extreme service conditions are require high anti-wear/extreme pressure properties.
Product Specifications
ISO Grade: 220
Viscosity Index: 160
Flash Point: 268°C
Pour Point: -48°C

Primary Chemistry: polyalphaolefin
Features & Benefits
Improved load carrying capability
Excellent rust & wear protection
Very high viscosity index & flash point
Broad operating temperature range (-48°C to 268°C)
Cleaner operation vs. mineral oil
Problems Solved
High Levels of Surface Damage or Micro-Pitting to Gears or Bearings
Inefficient Lubrication Protection Under High Loads
Poor Deposit Control or High Levels of Varnish
ANDEROL® 5220 is particularly well suited for bearing and gear applications in extreme service conditions.