Synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) general purpose lubricating oil and compressor fluid (ISO 46) with H2 approval.
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Product Overview
ANDEROL® 3046 is a premium synthetic PAO compressor oil that provides rust & oxidation protection with low foaming and easy water separation performance. ANDEROL® 3046 is specifically engineered for rotary vane compressors but suitable for all compressor designs (ISO 46)
Product Specifications
Viscosity (cSt, @40°C): 44
Pour Point: -60°C
Flash Point: 272°C
Specific Gravity (@15.6°C): 0.863
Primary Chemistry: polyalphaolefin
Features & Benefits
Low Foaming Performance
H2 Approval for food Processing Plants
High compatibility with seals, gaskets, hoses and air systems
Excellent deposit control and clean operation
Problems Solved
Inadequate Lubrication or Damage to Compressor System
Poor Foaming Control in Compressor Lubricant
Poor Water Miscibility and Separation Performance
ANDEROL® 3046 can be used in a wide range of compressor types and applications requiring high oxidative resistance. ANDEROL® 3046 is most frequently used in oil flooded rotary screw and rotary vane compressor types.