FSE 7520

FSE 7520 is a 26A general purpose fluorosilicone rubber.
Product Overview
FSE 7520 is a 26A durometer fluorosilicone rubber used in applications that require exceptional fuel, solvent resistance and low temperature properties. They can be molded, extruded or calendared using different kinds of peroxides. It is generally used in automotive and aerospace applications that require excellent fuel resistance, high tear strength and exceptional low temperature properties.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White
Density: 1.36 g/cm³
Hardness, Shore A: 27
Tensile strength: 7.6 N/mm²
Elongation at break: 500%
Tear strength: 16 N/mm
Compression set (22h @ 177°C): 15%
Rebound resilience: 26%
Primary Chemistry: Fluorosilicone rubber
Features & Benefits
Low compression set
Excellent solvent resistance
Resistance to oils
Low temperature flexibility
Suitable for high temperature applications
Consistent physical properties over a wide temperature range
Easily pigmentable
Problems Solved
Changes in the fluorosilicone physical properties with temperature changes
Pigmentation and coloring issues of fluorosilicone products
Aerospace parts
Automotive parts