ANOX™ 29

Phenolic antioxidant that protects against thermo-oxidative degradation during processing, storage and end-use in a wide variety of materials.
Product Overview
ANOX™ 29 is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant that is tremendously effective in a wide variety of materials at preventing thermo-oxidative degradation during processing, storage, and end-use. Synergizes with thioesters to offer enhanced thermal aging properties in polypropylene.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White to off-white, free flowing, crystalline powder
Softening Point: 161 -164 °C
Flash Point: > 193 °C
Molecular Weight: 438.7 g/mol
Bulk Density: 0.56 g/cm³

Primary Chemistry: 2,2'-Ethylenebis (4,6-di-t-butylphenol)
Features & Benefits
Synergizes with thioester antioxidants to enhance thermal aging properties in polypropylene
Problems Solved
Thermal and oxidative degradation of polymers during processing and storage
Use restrictions or incompatibility issues of phosphite and basic phenolic antioxidants
Incompatibility of traditional primary antioxidants with thioesters in polypropylene applications
Elastomers such as EPDM, SBS, and rubber blends with polyolefins, natural and synthetic tackifier resins, crystalline and high impact polystyrene, ABS terpolymer, waxes and oils