NAUGARD™ DSTDP is a thioester based secondary antioxidant that imparts excellent long-term aging in polyolefins and synthetic rubber.
Product Overview
NAUGARD™ DLTDP is a FDA-sanctioned antioxidant in polyolefins and other polymer systems. Used as an auxiliary stabilizer for polyethylene, polypropylene and synthetic rubbers to promote long term heat aging properties.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White powder or beads
Set Point: 67 °C
Molecular Weight: 683 g/mol
Odor: Mild fatty
Soluble: Heptane, toluene
Slightly Soluble: Alcohol, ethyl acetate
Primary Chemistry: Distearyl Thiodipropionate
Features & Benefits
Some food contact approvals
Synergy with hindered phenolic antioxidants such as ANOX™ 20 and ANOX™ PP18 to yield:

Excellent color

Excellent processing stability

Excellent long term aging stability
Problems Solved
Low protection of polyolefins and synthetic rubbers against degradation and long term aging
Limited or synergy issues of thioesters antioxidants with primary antioxidants
Concerns with the use of non-dusting antioxidants