ANOX™ BB011 Granular

Synergistic blend of granular form phenolic and phosphite antioxidants to protect polymers both during processing and long term aging.
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Product Overview
ANOX™ BB011 Granular is a solid, synergistic blend of equal parts phenolic (ANOX™ 20) and phosphite (ANOX™ 240) antioxidants. This binary blend provides excellent protection for polymers during both processing and long term aging.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White to off-white granules
ALKANOX™ 240 Content: 47.5-52.5%
ANOX™ 20 Content: 47.5-52.5%
Clarity of Sol (10% w/v Toluene): Clear
Tran. 425 nm (10% w/v Toluene): >=95.0%
Tran 500 nm (10% w/v Toluene): >=97.0%
Primary Chemistry: Blend of Phenolic and Phosphite Antioxidants
Features & Benefits
Fewer additives to dose properly
Low volatility allows for higher processing temperatures
Excellent resistance to extraction from polymer compounds
Problems Solved
Limited availability of phenolic and phosphite antioxidant blends
Increased cost of purchasing separate phenolic and phosphite antioxidants
Insufficient protection or degradation of polymers and thermoplastics with and long term aging
Safety and handling concerns with the use of powder form antioxidants
Used in a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers such as polyolefins, polycarbonates, ABS, and polyesters