Liquid phosphite antioxidant for rubber and polymers that contains up to 1% triisopropanol amine to improve resistance to hydrolysis.
Product Overview
NAUGARD™ PHR is a phosphite antioxidant that protects polymers from degradation resulting from heat and oxygen exposure during processing. It also acts as a stabilizer for synthetic rubbers like SBR, BR, and NBR and prevents resinification during manufacturing and storage.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Light yellow, viscous liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C: 0.98
Viscosity @ 21 °C: ~5200 cps
Primary Chemistry: Tris(mono-nonylphenyl) phosphite
Features & Benefits
Food contact approvals
Synergizes with phenolic antioxidants in plastics

Problems Solved
Hydrolysis of phosphite antioxidants in plastic and rubber applications
Degradation of polymers in high-temperature processes
Unwanted resinification during manufacturing or storage
Discoloration or staining with the use of traditional phosphite antioxidants
To stabilize rubber, use 1 to 1.5 phr rubber hydrocarbon
To stabilize plastics use <0.5 wt%
Pressure sensitive adhesives, polymer coatings, sealing gaskets for food containers