ChemPoint, partnered with DuPont, offers a comprehensive range of preservatives that can be used as biocides and anti-microbial in adhesive applications.

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DOWICIDE™ A container
72% active ingredient (Na-OPP), solid formulation.
AMICAL™ WP container
Amical™ WP is a wettable powder based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. AMICAL™ WP is designed to be used in situations where dry blending of ingredients is desired.
KORDEK™ MLX container
Kordek™ MLX is based on 10% MIT and approved for ink and similar applications.
ROZONE™ 2000 container
This dichloro-octylisothiazolinone (DCOIT) based thin-film fungicide and mildewcide suitable for solvent based products.
BIOBAN™ O 45 container
Bioban™ O 45 is a broad spectrum fungicide (not algaecide) based on a 45% active concentration of OIT
AMICAL™ 48 container
Amical™ 48 is an in-can and dry film fungicide based on 95% active of diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone.
Sodium PYRION™ 40% container
Antimicrobial preservative (sodium pyrithione) used in a variety of water-based functional fluids and coatings to protect against micro-organisms.
BIOBAN™ BTCM container
BIOBAN™ BTCM is an EPA approved in-can preservative for exceptional protection against bacteria and fungi. BTCM is excellent for use in cleaners, coatings, inks, building materials and agriculture applications.
BIOBAN™ BP-30 container
BIOBAN™ BP-30 is a bronopol-based, broad-spectrum biocide with numerous FDA clearances and is especially effective in combination with other biocides.
ROCIMA™ BT NV2 container
A preservative based on 19% benzisothiazolinone (BIT) dispersed in water and approved for various industrial uses 
Zinc PYRION™ 48% MPF container
Aqueous solution of zinc pyrithione with low water solubility and highly effective for applications where low level of leaching and longevity of protection is required.
ROCIMA™ 586 container
A dual in-can bacteriacide / fungicide based on bronopol and CMIT / MIT chemistry. This product is approved for certain industrial uses (see federal label).
BIOBAN™ DXN container
Bioban DXN is an EPA-registered biocide for the protection of water-based industrial products, processes and systems against microbiological growth and spoilage. It is a broad-spectrum biocide with efficacy against both bacteria and fungi.
AMICAL™ Flowable container
Amical™ Flowable is a water-based dispersion formulation based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. It is recommended for use in water-based formulations where high shear mixing is not used.
DOWICIDE™ 25L  container
25% active ingredient in an aqueous solution of Na-OPP.
Zinc PYRION™ Powder container
Powdered zinc pyrithione preservative (CAS: 13463-41-7) that provides antimicrobial protection in a wide variety of industrial applications.
KATHON™ LX 1.5% container
Kathon LX 1.5% is a isothiazolinone-based preservative used to protect polymers, coatings, adhesives and pigments and is an effective and efficient in-can preservative for systems with pH 2-8.5, extending shelf life of a product in its wet state. If long-term preservation of a finished adhesive or coating is desired, a thin film fungicide or mildewcide is needed.
BIOBAN™ O 5P5 container
Bioban™ O 5P5 is a broad spectrum antifungal based on OIT chemistry and with a variety of end-use applications.
DOWICIDE™ 1E container
99% active ingredient, solid formulation, approved for end-use (preservation)
DOWICIL™ QK-20 container
DOWICIL™ QK-20 is an industrial hygiene biocide that is based on 20% active 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionaminde (DBNPA). It offers immediate action to kill bacteria, fungi, and algae for use in industrial hygiene disinfection, rapid decontamination, and clean-up raw materials and fouled solutions.
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