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METHOCEL™ A4M Premium container
METHOCEL™ A4M is a medium molecular weight methylcellulose thickener with approvals for use in pharmaceutical applications. It yields a viscosity of ~4000 cP at 2% in water.
LUDOX® AM, 30% Silica container
LUDOX® AM is an aqueous dispersion of silica that has been modified to be stable over a wide pH range. It is used primarily as as a binder & flocculant.
POLYOX™ WSR N10 container
POLYOX™ WSR N10 is a water soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is typically used as a film former in seed coating, seed tape, and water soluble packaging
Glacial Acrylic Acid container
Glacial Acrylic Acid, also known as propenoic acid, is a simple carboxylic acid and the basic building block of acrylic polymers used in many applications.
POLYOX™ WSR 1105 container
POLYOX™ WSR 1105 is a non-ionic poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is typically used as a thickener and binder in coatings, inks and adhesives.
Sodium PYRION™ 40% container
Antimicrobial preservative (sodium pyrithione) used in a variety of water-based functional fluids and coatings to protect against micro-organisms.
LUDOX® AS-30 container
LUDOX® AS-30 is an alkaline dispersion of amorphous silica stabilized with Ammonium. It is typically used as a binder in high temperature applications.
CELLOSIZE™ EP-09 container
CELLOSIZE™ EP-09 is a hydrocolloid based emulsion stabilizer that is used to sterically stabilize latex emulsions and reduce the chance of coalescence.
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 PA 07 container
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 PA 07 is a high purity sodium carboxymethyl cellulose polymer that is used as a binder in lithium ion battery electrodes.
METHOCEL™ A4C container
METHOCEL™ A4C is a medium molecular weight methylcellulose thickener. It yields a viscosity of 400 cP at 2% in water and is used to modify the rheology of coatings and adhesives.
Tyzor® PITA SM container
Tyzor® PITA SM is an organic titanium chelate mixed with a silane. It is commonly used in silicone sealants and adhesives as a cross linker and curing agent.
Trilene® 65 container
Trilene® 65 is a low molecular weight liquid Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) terpolymer with 10% diene content for use in rubber, coatings, and adhesives.
CHDM D90 container
(90/10) Mixture of Cycloaliphatic Glycol & Water for Saturated & Unsaturated Polyester Resins (1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol)
CELLOSIZE™ QP-52000H  container
CELLOSIZE™ QP-52000H is a high molecular weight water-soluble thickener. It is commonly used in adhesives and cleaning products.
Methyl Acrylate container
Methyl acrylate is most commonly used as a co-monomer in the production of carpet fiber and to make intermediates for various pharmaceutical products.
LUDOX® SM container
LUDOX® SM contains amorphous colloidal silica with a particle size of 7 nm. It is a highly temperature stable binder used in coatings and refractories.
SilForce™ SS4044P container
SilForce™ 4044P is a silicate based primer for RTV silicone adhesives & sealants. It is designed to improve adhesion to metals, porous materials, and wood.
METHOCEL™ A15C container
METHOCEL™ A15C is a methylcellulose polymer that is typically used to thicken coatings, inks, and adhesives. It yields a viscosity of 1500cp at 2% in water.
CELLOSIZE™ QP-30000H container
CELLOSIZE™ QP-30000H is a hydroxyethyl cellulose thickener with a high molecular weight. It is used to thicken water-based adhesives, paints, and inks.
POLYOX™ WSR N3000 container
POLYOX™ WSR N3000 is a water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) resin that is typically used as binder for fluroescent lamp phosphors and as an emollient for soaps and detergents.
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