ChemPoint carries a comprehensive range of products to improve the functionality and performance of adhesives in tape and label applications.

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CA-398-30 container
CA-398-30 is a high molecular weight cellulose acetate polymer typically used as a membrane material and as a resin modifier for molded and extruded parts.
Eastek™ 1400 Polymer Dispersion container
Eastek™ 1400 is an aqueous dispersion of a sulfopolyester polymer with a low Tg . It is used to form flexible films in coatings and inks for packaging.
AQ™ 1950 Polymer container
AQ™ 1950 is a low Tg water dispersible sulfopolyester polymer commonly used as a resin in hot melt adhesives.
POLYOX™ WSR N10 100 Mesh container
POLYOX™ WSR N10 100 Mesh is a water soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is commonly used as a film former in seed coating and water soluble packaging applications.
SPUR+ PSA 3.0 container
SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is a silyated polyurethane contact adhesive that is used for high performance tape and label applications requiring chemical resistance.
Epolene® E-43P Polymer container
Epolene® E-43P is a maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene wax. It is typically used as a coupling agent for polypropylene composites.
SilGrip™ SR500 container
SilGrip™ SR500 is a primer for use on silicone rubber to improve the adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesives.
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 GA container
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 GA is a granular carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) with a viscosity of 20,000 cP
Lupasol® P container
Lupasol® P is a high molecular weight, branched polyethylenimine that is commonly used in water-based primers for packaging films, textiles, and metals.
Epolene® N-14 Polymer container
Epolene® N-14 is a polyethylene wax that is commonly used as a mold release additive and lubricant in rubber processing.
SilGrip™ PSA915 container
SilGrip™ PSA915 is a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive that was designed for use on PTFE coated fabrics used in PVC welding applications.
Tyzor® 217, zirconium lactate container
Tyzor® 217 is an aqueous chelate based on zirconium. It is used as a cross-linker and adhesion promoter in coatings, inks, adhesives and fracturing fluids.
POLYOX™ WSR 301 container
POLYOX™ WSR 301 is a non-ionic poly(ethylene oxide) polymer used for thickening, binding, and lubrication in drift control, concrete, ceramic, personal care, and adhesive applications.
SilGrip™ PSA345SM container
SilGrip™ PSA345SM is an additive for acrylic and rubber PSA emulsions that improves temperature resistance and adhesion to low energy surfaces.
CA-398-10 container
CA-398-10 is a medium molecular weight cellulose acetate used as a film former in lacquers. It is also used in the manufacture of organic membranes.
SilForce™ SS4259C container
SilForce™ SS4259C is a cure accelerator for platinum catalyzed, thermal addition cure , silicone release coating systems.
SilForce™ UV9400 container
SilForce™ UV9400 is an epoxy functional PDMS polymer used in photocurable release coatings. It has a reduced viscosity improve penetration on paper.
SilGrip™ PSA590LD container
SilGrip™ PSA590LD is a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive based on polysiloxane gum that offers low dusting and excellent durability at high temperature.
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 GA 07 container
TEXTURECEL™ CRT 20000 GA 07 is a high molecular weight sodium carboxymethyl cellulose polymer. It is used as a thickener in coatings, adhesives, and gel packs.
Butyl Acrylate container
Butyl acrylate is a low Tg ester of acrylic acid that is used as a monomer to produce flexible acrylic polymers and copolymers used in adhesives, caulks, and sealants.
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