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Tyzor® AA-75, titanium acetylacetonates container
Tyzor® AA-75 is a solvent based, titanium acetylacetonate complex. It's used as a crosslinker, curing agent, and adhesion promoter in inks and coatings.
Tyzor® 212, zirconium chelate container
Tyzor® 212 is a water stable zirconium chelate that will crosslink nucleophilic functional groups. it is used in fracturing fluids as a gelling agent.
CHDA HP container
High Purity (1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid) Powder with Excellent Thermal Stability for Lower Resin Color and Good Humidity Resistance.
Tyzor® 9000 container
Tyzor® 9000 is a reactive alkoxy titanate that is used as a reaction catalyst for esterification reactions and as a cross linking agent in coatings.
Tyzor® OGT, octyleneglycol titanate container
Tyzor® OGT is an alkoxy titanate that is less sensitive to moisture than other ortho titanates. It is used as a cross linking agent in paints and sealants.
Tyzor® TEAZ, zirconium chelate container
Tyzor® TEAZ is a water stable zirconium complex that is used as a cross linking agent for polymers in coatings and oil well fracturing fluids.
Tyzor® EHTAA container
Tyzor® EHTAA is a titanium acetylacetonate complex. It is used primarily as a binder in solvent based metal treatments to prevent corrosion and rust.
Tyzor® 217, zirconium lactate container
Tyzor® 217 is an aqueous chelate based on zirconium. It is used as a cross-linker and adhesion promoter in coatings, inks, adhesives and fracturing fluids.
Tyzor® TPT 20B, tetra-isopropyl titanate container
Tyzor® TPT 20B is a mixture of Tyzor® TPT & Tyzor® TnBT. It is used as a reaction catalyst and as a cross linking agent in paints and coatings.
Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate Purified container
A free-flowing Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH) that is ultra-purified and contains a minimum of 57% active ingredient. Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate Purified offers reduced levels of CaO, NaOH, and Mg that make it suitable for use in the production of electrolyte salts and additives, and other specialty applications.
DMCD (Dimethyl Cyclohexanedicarboxylate) container
Excellent weathering, flexibility and thermal stability in gel coats.
SilForce™ SL6020 container
SilForce™ SL6020 is a crosslinking curing aid for thermal addition cure solventless silicone release coating systems.
Tyzor® TnBT, tetra-n-butyl titanate container
Tyzor® TnBT is a highly reactive alkoxy titanate that is commonly used as a Lewis acid catalyst in esterification, condensation, and addition reactions.
Tyzor® GBA, titanium acetylacetonates container
Tyzor® GBA is a freeze-resistant titanium acetylacetonate. It is commonly used in inks and coatings to improve drying, durability, and adhesion.
NPG Platelets container
Solid Platelet Neopentyl Glycol for use in manufacturing high-quality polyester resins.
TMPD Molten container
Melted to form a clear, clean liquid for easier handling. This is also available in solid form platelets at room temperature.
Tyzor® ET, ethyl titanate container
Tyzor® ET is an extremely reactive, 100% active ethyl titanate liquid that is used as a cross linking agent in coatings and as a reaction catalyst.
Tyzor® TPT, tetra-isopropyl titanate container
Tyzor® TPT is an alkoxy titanate with a high level of reactivity. It is most commonly used as a Lewis acid and Ziegler-Natta catalyst.
Lupasol® PR 8515 container
Lupasol® PR 8515 is an anhydrous, low molecular weight, polyethylenimine that is used as an adhesion promoter and crosslinker in coatings and adhesives.
Tyzor® CLA, titanium chelate container
Tyzor® CLA is a chelated organic titanate that is stable in both water and solvent based systems. It is used as cross-linker in coatings and as a catalyst.
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