ChemPoint offers a broad portfolio of products and chemistries engineered to meet the performance and regulation requirements for marine coatings.

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POLYOX™ WSR 303 container
POLYOX™ WSR 303 is a water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer. It is used as a binder in ceramics and as an additive to reduce frictional drag of water.
METHOCEL™ E15 Food Grade LV container
METHOCEL™ E15 Food Grade LV is a low molecular weight hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener. It yields a viscosity of ~15 cP at 2% in water.
Butyl Acrylate container
Butyl acrylate is a low Tg ester of acrylic acid that is used as a monomer to produce flexible acrylic polymers and copolymers used in adhesives, caulks, and sealants.
METHOCEL™ A4C Premium container
METHOCEL™ A4C Premium is a medium molecular weight methylcellulose thickener. It yields a viscosity of 400 cP at 2% in water and has regulatory approvals for pharmaceutical applications.
CA-394-60LF container
CA-394-60LF is a high molecular weight cellulose acetate commonly used as a film forming resin in lacquers. This cellulose ester was formerly known as CA-394-60S.
CA-398-10 container
CA-398-10 is a medium molecular weight cellulose acetate used as a film former in lacquers. It is also used in the manufacture of organic membranes.
CA-398-6 container
CA-398-6 is a low molecular weight cellulose acetate polymer. It is used in the manufacture of membranes and as a film former in lacquers and coatings.
Duomeen® CD container
Duomeen® CD is an alkyl diamine that is used in a variety of applications as a corrosion inhibitor, hydrophobing agent, and lubricant.
ECONEA® container
Metal-Free Antifouling Agent for Use In Coatings for Marine Ship Hulls & Structures.
LUDOX® HS-30 container
LUDOX® HS-30 is a colloidal silica with an average particle size of 12 nm particle size. It is used as a binder in casting and ceramics applications.
POLYOX™ WSR N80 container
POLYOX™ WSR N80 is a water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is typically used as a film former and binder for seed coatings, batteries, and lubricant strips.
METHOCEL™ E6 Premium LV container
METHOCEL™ E6 Premium LV is a Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener which yields a very low viscosity of 6 cP. It is a pharmaceutical grade.
Elvacite® 2016 container
Elvacite® 2016 is a general purpose, low molecular weight methyl methacrylate/n-butyl methacrylate copolymer that is commonly used in coatings as a binder.
LUDOX® AM, 30% Silica container
LUDOX® AM is an aqueous dispersion of silica that has been modified to be stable over a wide pH range. It is used primarily as as a binder & flocculant.
POLYOX™ WSR 205 container
POLYOX™ WSR 205 is a non-ionic poly(ethylene oxide) polymer typically used as a thickener, emollient, and film former in adhesive, personal care, and packaging applications.
POLYOX™ WSR 308 container
POLYOX™ WSR 308 is a water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer that is commonly used as a retention aid and flocculant for paper making and wastewater treatment.
2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate container
2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate is an acrylic monomer that is commonly used in to manufacture polymers for acrylic adhesives and to lower the Tg of acrylic polymers.
POLYOX™ WSR N750 container
POLYOX™ WSR N750 is a versatile water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer used as a thickener, binder, film former, and emollient in paint, coating, agriculture, personal care, electronic, and adhesive applications.
Glacial Acrylic Acid container
Glacial Acrylic Acid, also known as propenoic acid, is a simple carboxylic acid and the basic building block of acrylic polymers used in many applications.
ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium container
ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is a pharmaceutical grade ethyl cellulose powder that is used as a binder and thickener applications that require high purity.
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