Extend The Life of Your Engine

Pedal to the Metal

Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized Multi-Functional additives to assist in the formulation of Engine Oils. Spanning from economic and mainstream engine oil additives to highly specialized and premium tier engine oil additives, Afton Chemical's HiTEC® line has an option suited for your particular formulation needs.

Why Use Afton Technology

  • Reduce Emissions, Improve Fuel economy, extend engine life
  • Afton’s specialty additives provide approvals for a wide range of base stocks with flexibility of the viscosity modifier selection
  • Afton Chemical has conducted extensive field testing on product performance, 17 million miles On-Highway and more than 23,000 hours Off-Highway
  • Afton is a market leader in ILSAC G-5/API SN PCMO and GM dexos1TM additives

Automotive Solutions That Drive Change

                                                        Passenger Car Motor Oil Additives                                                         

                                                           Heavy Duty Engine Oil Additives                                                          


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