DuPont Silanes

Improve The Bond Between Pcb Layers With Silanes

Due to an increase in design density and tighter spacing between conductors, the likelihood of conductive filament failure (CFF) has increased. CFF occurs when copper corrosion grows from the anode to the cathode along separated interfaces, compromising adhesion. This ultimately leads to failure of the PCB, which can lead to equipment malfunction or even fires. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that adhesion between the substrates is sure.
Silanes are a key ingredient when it comes to preventing PCB failures due to adhesion loss. The hydrophobic silane coating acts as a scavenger for water that is attracted to the interface by the hydrophilic glass. In the absence of a silane, the bond between the glass fiber and resin would likely weaken and fail.  

Another key component to prevent PCB failures is flexural strength. In flexible PCB manufacturing it is important that the parts can endure the bending stresses to which they are exposed. As a coupling agent, silanes are used as a finish on woven glass fabric to improve wet strength of the composite. They can increase flexural strength by 89%.
*After 72 hours immersion in boiling water

DuPont has developed products to meet the needs of the printed circuit board industry.

Xiameter® OFS-6032 diluted aqueous solutions are stable for long periods of time. In addition, they become completely soluble in less than an hour.

Xiameter® OFS-6224 coupling agent for glass-reinforced laminates for printed circuit boards.



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