Molykote™ Anti-Friction Coatings

Protect your components with long-lasting, dry-film lubrication. Often described as "lubricating paints," Molykote™ anti-friction coatings (AFCs) provide a dry, slippery film that improves surface roughness and optimizes friction on the wear surface, even under extreme loads and operating conditions. These Molykote™ Smart Lubrication™ solutions offer you:

• Dry, clean lubrication that does not attract or collect dust, dirt or moisture
• Durable lubrication without evaporation or oxidation
• Resistance to rust and corrosion
• Fully effective start-up lubrication even after prolonged shutdown

Molykote™ anti-friction coatings contain solid lubricants in various binder-solvent systems. They can be easily applied and quickly cured to a dry film. DuPont maintains a global network of AFC coating specialists that can ensure proper application with reduced waste.