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Finding the ideal biocide that is effective in your product and carries the necessary registrations for your application can be challenging. ChemPoint offers an extensive portfolio of biocides, preservatives, and antimicrobial additives from DuPont that are designed to meet the microbial protection needs of your products and formulations.

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Bioban BP Plus

BIOBAN™ BP-PLUS is a 99% solid bronopol-based, broad-spectrum biocide with numerous FDA clearances.

Bioban BP 30

BIOBAN™ BP-30 is a bronopol-based, broad-spectrum biocide with numerous FDA clearances and is especially effective in combination with other biocides.

Kathon CG/ICP

KATHON™ CG/ICP is a highly effective EPA approved biocide and preservative for use in household and industrial cleaning products. It is based on an aqueous mixture of methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (CMIT/MIT) and provides quick biocidal action at a low level of use.

Rocima BT 2S

A preservative based on 19% benzisothiazolinone (BIT) solubilized in dipropylene glycol (DPG) approved for various industrial uses

Dowicide A

72% active ingredient (Na-OPP), solid formulation.

Bioban BZ

Dual active in-can preservative based on 12% BIT + 8% ZPT providing efficacy against both bacteria and fungi in the wet-state.

Rocima 607

A preservative based on bronopol and benzisothiazolinone (BIT) and approved for various industrial uses.

Rocima BT NV2

A preservative based on 19% benzisothiazolinone (BIT) dispersed in water and approved for various industrial uses 

Amical 48

Amical™ 48 is an in-can and dry film fungicide based on 95% active of diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone.

Amical WP

Amical™ WP is a wettable powder based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. AMICAL™ WP is designed to be used in situations where dry blending of ingredients is desired.

Rocima 63

A thin-film fungicide and algaecide based on carbendazim, diuron and octylisothiazolinone chemistries. 

Rozone 2000

This dichloro-octylisothiazolinone (DCOIT) based thin-film fungicide and mildewcide suitable for solvent based products.

Ucarcide 25

UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial is a 25% glutaraldehyde product with outstanding performance and versatility. This product provides broad efficacy, is biodegradable and is also non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bio-accumulative. This product is registered for antimicrobial use.

Dowicide 1E

99% active ingredient, solid formulation, approved for end-use (preservation)

Dowicil QK-20

DOWICIL™ QK-20 is an industrial hygiene biocide that is based on 20% active 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionaminde (DBNPA). It offers immediate action to kill bacteria, fungi, and algae for use in industrial hygiene disinfection, rapid decontamination, and clean-up raw materials and fouled solutions.

Kathon CG/ICP II

KATHON™ CG/ICP II is a CMIT/MIT based preservative similar to KATHON™ CG/ICP, but it contains a lower level of magnesium salts for salt-sensitive formulations. It is an EPA approved preservative for use in household and industrial cleaning products.

Neolone M-10

NEOLONE™ M-10 is a methyl isothiazolinone based preservative specifically designed for in use in hard to preserve, high pH industrial and household formulations.

Kathon LX 1.5%

Kathon LX 1.5% is a isothiazolinone-based preservative used to protect polymers, coatings, adhesives and pigments and is an effective and efficient in-can preservative for systems with pH 2-8.5, extending shelf life of a product in its wet state. If long-term preservation of a finished adhesive or coating is desired, a thin film fungicide or mildewcide is needed.

Bioban DXN

Bioban DXN is an EPA-registered biocide for the protection of water-based industrial products, processes and systems against microbiological growth and spoilage. It is a broad-spectrum biocide with efficacy against both bacteria and fungi.

Bioban 200

This dichloro-octylisothiazolinone (DCOIT) based thin-film fungicide and mildewcide suitable for aqueous based products.

Koralone B-119

Koralone B-119™ is an effective preservative recommended and widely used in the preservation of household and industrial and institutional cleaning and laundry products. 

Bioban BTCM

BIOBAN™ BTCM is an EPA approved in-can preservative for exceptional protection against bacteria and fungi. BTCM is excellent for use in cleaners, coatings, inks, building materials and agriculture applications.

Amical Flowable

Amical™ Flowable is a water-based dispersion formulation based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. It is recommended for use in water-based formulations where high shear mixing is not used.

Bioban O 45

Bioban™ O 45 is a broad spectrum fungicide (not algaecide) based on a 45% active concentration of OIT

Kathon PFM

Kathon™ PFM is isothiazolinone based, registered for use in preserving inks and printing fluids for the prevention of bacteria and fungi in products with pH 2-8.5.

Bioban 425

Bioban™ 425 Antimicrobial is a dual active biocide that provides excellent antimicrobial protection from bacteria and fungi in cleaners, detergents, household and industrial wet wipe applications.

Ucarcide 50

UCARCIDE™ 50 Antimicrobial is a glutaraldehyde based biocide similar to UCARCIDE™ 25, except for the 50% active content. It is EPA approved for antimicrobial use in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

Rocima 586

A dual in-can bacteriacide / fungicide based on bronopol and CMIT / MIT chemistry. This product is approved for certain industrial uses (see federal label).

Kordek MLX

Kordek™ MLX is based on 10% MIT and approved for ink and similar applications.

Dowicide 25L

25% active ingredient in an aqueous solution of Na-OPP.

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