Elvacite® - Maximize Adhesion & Durability of Printing Ink

Printing Ink Binders

In printing inks, the purpose of the binder is to adhere the components of the ink to the printed surface and allow a film to be formed upon drying.  The resin or resins that are used as the binder in an ink formulation influence the adhesion, appearance, and durability of the ink.  Selection of the appropriate binder for an ink formulation is crucial and should be based on the printing process as well as the demands of the end application.

Elvacite® Printing Ink Resins

As a binder in flexographic, gravure, and screen printing inks, Elvacite® Acrylic Resins offer outstanding adhesion to packaging films and foils as well as remarkable resistance to discoloration from heat and UV exposure.  Elvacite® Acrylic Resins also form films that are highly resistant to grease, oil, and water making them an ideal binder for printing inks that come into contact with greasy or wet food materials.  Elvacite® Acrylic Resins are highly compatible with many other common binders and can be used on their own or as blended to optimize ink performance for specific performance requirements.

Elvacite® Resins for Flexographic Inks

The most common solvents for flexographic inks are rich in alcohol, therefore, the binder for a flexographic ink formulation should be soluble and compatible with alcohols.  Elvacite® 2028, 2042, and 2043 are all broadly soluble in alcohol and are excellent binders for flexographic inks.  Elvacite® 2028 shows outstanding adhesion to foils, polymer coated films, polystyrene, and cellulosics.  In addition, Elvacite® 2028 will not discolor due to UV exposure making it an ideal binder for laminated film structures and heat-seal packaging that is exposed to sunlight.  If greater abrasion resistance is required, Elvacite® 2042 and 2043 are recommended.

Elvacite® Resins for Gravure Inks

Lower viscosity binders are preferred for gravure inks.  Elvacite® 2013 is a low molecular weight acrylic resin that is recommended for gravure inks that will be printed on packaging films and where resistance to yellowing is required.  If odor is a concern, Elvacite® 2614 is specifically recommended as it is a low odor grade.

Elvacite® Resins for Screen Printing Ink

For screen printing inks, flexibility and solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons is important.  Elvacite® 2045 is a highly flexible butyl methacrylate resin that is soluble in white spirits and hydrocarbons that are frequently used in screen printing inks.  Alkyd resins are also commonly used in screen printing ink formulation.  Elvacite® 4067 is recommended for use with alkyd systems to improve color stability, reduce dry time, and enhance weatherability.

Formulating with Elvacite®

As mentioned above, selecting the proper binder for a printing ink formulation is critical to the performance of the ink.  If you have questions about Elvacite® Acrylic Resins and which grade will work for your formulation, ChemPoint is here to help.  Contact us today to speak to a product specialist about the many available grades of Elvacite®.

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