Elvacite® 2042

Elvacite® 2042 is an alcohol tolerant acrylic bead resin. It is used to make tough abrasion resistant coatings for metal coatings and outdoor applications.
Product Overview
Elvacite® 2042 is a high molecular weight ethyl methacrylate polymer.
It is a solid bead resin that is soluble in a wide range of solvents including ketones, ethers, ester, and aromatic hydrocarbons.
In addition, it can tolerate alcohol in formulations without becoming hazy.
Elvacite® 2042 forms tough, abrasion resistant, high gloss films and is an excellent resin for scratch resistant coatings for decals and outdoor signage.
Additionally, Elvacite® 2042 has been used in wood putty because of its outstanding durability and broad compatibility.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Specific gravity: 1.11 @ 25°C
Glass transition temp, onset: 65°C
Molecular weight: 220,000
Particle size (D50): 110-180 microns
Acid number: 0
Tukon hardness, knoops no: 11
Tensile strength: 5,400 psi
Elongation at break (23°C, 50% R.H.): 25%
Inherent viscosity: 0.768-0.896
% Moisture: 0.5 (max)

Primary Chemistry: Ethyl methacrylate
Features & Benefits
Dissolves at room temperature
High molecular weight
Broadly compatible for use in abrasions-resistant coatings
Forms high gloss films
Problems Solved
Abrasion of sign and decal coatings
Yellowing of coatings caused by exposure to UV and heat
Metal Coatings; Protective Coatings; Wood Putty; Printing Inks; Structural Adhesives & Sealants