Elvacite® 2028

Elvacite® 2028 is a low molecular weight methacrylate resin that is highly soluble and compatible. It is an ideal binder for flexographic inks.
Product Overview

Elvacite® 2028 is a thermoplastic methacrylate resin with a low molecular weight. It is a solid bead resin that is soluble in alcohols, ketones, toluene, and glycol ethers. Because of its low molecular weight, flexibility, and broad solubility Elvacite® 2028 is an ideal binder for flexographic inks. It is highly compatible with most pigment and additives used in printing inks. When used as a film former, Elvacite® 2028 produces durable films that are resistant to heat, UV degradation, and weather. These films are often used in pigmented lacquers and metal coatings. Elvacite® 2028 is an excellent binding resin for coil coatings that require a combination of durability, gloss, and cost effectiveness. Coil coatings formulated with Elvacite® 2028 offer excellent protection from moisture, corrosion, and abrasion resistance in addition to best in class clarity and gloss.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Solid beads
Specific gravity: 1.11 @ 25°C
Glass transition temp, onset: 45°C
Molecular weight: 59,000
Particle size (D50): 130-220 microns
Acid number: 12
Tukon hardness, knoops no: 6
Tensile strength: 800 psi
Elongation at break (23°C, 50% R.H.): 75%
Inherent viscosity: 0.226-0.257
% Moisture: 0.8 (max)
% Methacrylic acid 1.4 - 2.0
Primary Chemistry: Methyl Methacrylate
Features & Benefits
Improved pigment dispersion
Can be used in brass coatings
Soluble in some alcohols
Use in no-reactive resins in reactive coatings
Problems Solved
Poor solubility of solid acrylic resins in alcohol and other solvents that are commonly used in printing inks
Damage to coatings caused by exposure to weather and UV rays
Poor appearance of coated metals
Flexographic Inks; Metal Coatings; Lacquers