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Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Afton Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized multifunctional additives to assist in the formulation of industrial gear oils. Spanning from economic and mainstream gear oil additives to highly specialized and premium tier gear oil additives, Afton Chemical’s HiTEC® portfolio has an option suited for your particular formulation needs.

Avoid Gear Failure and Protect Your Equipment With Afton's Performance Gear Oil Additives.

Clean gear

Dirty Gear

Industrial Gear Market Trends

The demand for more efficiency within the industrial market is driving the need for better gear design. Changes in gearboxes have led to tighter requirements on wear, seal compatibility, and filtration. Gearboxes have reduced by approximately 33% over the last forty years. This has resulted in higher performance requirements from the gear oil, namely in regards to foam and filtration. The desire for longer operating hours, longer maintenance cycles, and shorter downtime has created a need for industrial gear oils that have higher cleanliness, are compatible with seals to prevent leakage, and have a longer lifespan. Higher performing gear lubricants require higher quality base stocks and additives. There has been a noticeable shift from group I to group II and III mineral oils, and synthetic base stocks for extreme applications. Specialized additives are especially important to provide the necessary cleanliness to achieve clean gear performance, reduce micropitting by providing extreme pressure performance and reducing friction, and help with seal swell.

What is the Purpose of Industrial Gear Oil?

Gearboxes are used in a wide array of applications and markets, and industrial gear oil serves several critical roles to keep gears clean and running at optimum efficiency. Gear oil provides lubrication to the metal surfaces of gears to reduce wear and friction, dissipate heat, prevent corrosion, remove contaminants, and reduce noise and vibration. Base stocks play an important role. Base stocks act as the lubricant to prevent friction and wear, set the minimum viscosity, and disperse heat. Additives in gear oil serve even more functions.  The additives in gear oil commonly provide lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear protection, anti-corrosion and anti-foam benefits, detergency and dispersancy, demulsification, seal swell properties, viscosity index improvement, pour point depressant, and tackiness, and prevent oxidation. It is important to formulate your gear lubricant with the right base oil and additives to meet the latest performance requirements and key gear oil specifications.

Reduce Friction

Reduce Wear

Dissipate Heat

Prevent Rust & Corrosion

Keep Gears Clean

Reduce Noise & Vibration

Industrial Gear Oil Tests & Specifications

Afton Chemical has multifunctional additive packages that meet a wide range of industry and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industrial gear oil specifications. Industry standards continue to grow with an increasing focus on improving performance for bearing wear and micropitting, static seal compatibility, and environmental friendliness. OEMs are developing their own fluid specifications focused on dynamic seal compatibility, coating compatibility, and filterability. Some of the key industrial gear OEMs are Flender, SEW, ZF Industrial, Eickhoff, Moventas, RENK, SKF, Voith, and Sumitomo. Wind turbine gear oils are subjected to extreme operational and environmental conditions and have their own unique specifications and requirements. Contact a technical representative for further information.

Afton HiTEC® Performance Additive Solutions


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