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LANXESS Microbial Solutions to Protect Your Roof Coating

A roof is constantly exposed to the environment, making it prone to microbial contamination, which can impact the aesthetic and integrity of your product. Microbial contamination also decreases the life of your building materials, both in storage and in use.

LANXESS offers a broad, versatile range of preservatives that can control bacterial growth in the wet state for in-can preservation and dry film protection against mold and algal growth. The LANXESS team at ChemPoint can assist you in finding the right microbial control solutions that provide the protection you need for your roof coating formulations.

Select Your In-Can Preservative from LANXESS:

 Efficacy: B = Bacteria, F = Fungi

Select Your Dry-Film Preservative from LANXESS:

 Efficacy: B = Bacteria, F = Fungi, A = Algae
* DCOIT has activity against bacteria, but DCOIT alone is insufficient for complete protection against bacteria.
** DCOIT may not provide adequate broad-spectrum protection against algae in all formulations and environments.

If you are unsure which chemistry best suits your application, try our selector guide or contact us to speak with a specialist for a product recommendation.

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