Lutron® KS 1

Lutron® KS 1 is a highly miscible polyglycol ether that is commonly used as a basic brightener for zinc, flux and heat-transfer fluid for the plastic and soldering industries.
Product Overview
Lutron® KS 1 is miscible with water in all proportions. It is nonionic, and is
therefore not affected by water hardness. This product is also an effective, low-viscosity alternative to Lutron® HF 3.
Product Specifications
Physical Form: Clear, Colorless or Yellowish Liquid
Water Content: <0.5 %
Density: 1.13 –1.17 g/cm 3
Viscosity: 460 – 560 mm 2/s
Flash Point: >300°C
Pour Point: –17 °C
Ignition Temperature: 415 °C
Primary Chemistry: Modified Polyglycol Ether
Problems Solved
Water Miscibility & Foam Concerns
Sludge or Crust Formation