Lugalvan® DC

Lugalvan® DC is an aqueous emulsion of an ethylene copolymer that is commonly applied to metal surfaces to improve resistance to corrosion and to improve aesthetic appearance.
Product Overview
The usage of Lugalvan® DC forms films which adhere well to metal. It is especially effective on chromated, zinc-plated parts and it also reduces the tendency of chromium(VI) ions to be leached out. It can be used to prevent nickel and other metals from tarnishing, and it can be
applied as a decorative coating to non-ferrous metals.
Product Specifications
Physical Form: Aqueous, opalescent emulsion
Concentration: 20 – 22 %
Viscosity: 25 –170 at 23°C
Density 0.98 –1.00 g/cm3
pH: 8.5 – 9.
Primary Chemistry: Aqueous Solution
Problems Solved
Premature Metal Surface Tarnishing
Poor Metal Resistance to Corrosion & Rust