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Potassium Sorbate Powder Pharma

Pharmaceutical grade potassium sorbate in powder form. Freely soluble in water and less soluble in ethyl alcohol.


Product Overview

White to yellowish-white potassium salt of sorbic acid in crystalline powder form.


Dairy (e.g. desserts and cheese) 
Fat emulsions (e.g. margarines/fat spreads) Fruit/vegetable products (e.g. jams/jellies, pickled vegetables)
Baked goods (e.g. bread and fine bakery products)
Meat products (e.g. surface treatment and jelly applications)
Fish preserves
Beverages (e.g. syrups and RTD’s)
Sauces (e.g. mayonnaise and water-based sauces)
Cough syrup
Antipyretic agents
Pet Food/Animal Feed (Moist and semi-moist)
Personal Care

Features & Benefits

Good solubility
Fully-traceable ingredients
Strict manufacturing regulations

Product Specifications

Shelf Life: 3 years

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