Chemical foaming agent for thermoplastics and rubber with a moderate decomposition temperature that does not require the addition of an activator.
Product Overview
CELOGEN® 754A is a chemical blowing agent designed for rubber and thermoplastics. It contains an effective activation system; adding strong activators such as zinc oxide, zinc stearate or ACTICELL® U is unnecessary unless lowering the decomposition temperature is desired.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Yellow-orange powder
Specific Gravity @25 °C: 1.68
Decomposition Point: 165-180 °C
Gas Yield: 200 ml/g
Decomposition Gases: N₂, CO₂, CO, NH₃
Soluble: Alkaline solutions
Insoluble: Most organic solvents, water

Primary Chemistry: Activated Azodicarbonamide
Features & Benefits
Decomposition residue is white
Contains an effective activation system
Problems Solved
Requirement for activator when using blowing agents
High temperature requirement for the activation and decomposition of blowing agents
Blowing or foaming agent is not effective in polyolefins and sponge rubber applications
Natural and synthetic rubbers, thermoplastics, ethylene vinyl acetate, shoe soles, automotive extrusions