DryFilm RA Dispersion

DryFilm RA is a dispersion of PTFE in a hydrofluorocarbon solvent. It is used as a dry lubricant for applications that require smooth repeated motions.
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Product Overview
DryFilm RA is a 15% solids dispersion of white, waxy PTFE particles in HFC 43-10. When applied to surfaces, the PTFE particles in DryFilm RA forms films with an incredibly low coefficient of friction making DryFilm RA useful as a lubricant, mold release, and anti-fouling additive.
Product Specifications
Solids, wt%: 15
Melting Point: 300 °C (581 °F)
Molecular Weight: 3000
Density, g/cc: 2.2
Particle Size, μm:
Mean: 3.7, Range: 1-15
Volatiles %: 85
Odor: Odorless
Form: Fluid Dispersion
Color: Translucent
Specific gravity: 1.63
Density, lb/gal: 13.6
Solvent: HFC 43-10

Primary Chemistry: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Features & Benefits
High thermal stability up to 300°F
Low coefficient of friction
Superior effectiveness as a dry lubricant
Enhance lubricity
Clean adherence
Promote thickening
Retard fouling
Chemically inert
Problems Solved
Poor mold release
Excessive friction
Squeaky equipment

DryFilm RA can be applied to electrical switches, bearings, hardware, leather, plastics, and elastomers to provide long lasting lubrication.

DryFilm RA is used extensively in automotive assembly applications where traditional oils and greases are too messy or reapplication of lubricants to automated systems is laborious.

DryFilm RA can be added to liquid and semi-solid formulations like greases and coatings to increase lubricity, adjust viscosity, and prevent fouling.

The stability and low coefficient of friction provided by DryFilm RA makes it an ideal mold release agent for molding of plastics and rubber. It will not interact with the mold or molded parts and it provides longer lasting mold release with no transfer to the molded part.