Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant (ASHRAE R426A) to Directly Replace R12 in a Wide Range of Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications.
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Product Overview

RS-24 (ASHRAE R426A) is a non-flammable, zero ozone depleting replacement for R12. RS-24 provides an easy to use replacement for the harmful and outdated chemistry exhibited by R12 Gas and boasts similar performance with decreased environmental impact.

RS-24 allows for easy exchange and replacement within R12 systems with minimal changes required in existing compressor set-up or equipment.

Product Specifications

ASHRAE Number: R426A
Molecular Weight: 102.6
Ozone Depletion Potential: Zero
Critical Temperature: 213.8°F (101.0°C)
Critical Pressure: 4097 kPa (594 psia)
Boiling Point (@ 1 atm): -19.5°F (-28.6°C)
Liquid Density (25°C): 1184 kg/m³
Density of Saturated Vapor (25°C): 30.9 kg/m³
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point: 218 kJ/kg
Vapor Pressure (25°C): 707 kPa (102.6 psia)
Temperature Glide: 4°C

Features & Benefits
Suitable for all refrigeration applications including mobile air conditioning No hardware or lubricant changes required in change out Lower Discharge Temperatures Zero Ozone Depletion Potential Non-Flammable Suitable for new & existing equipment Avoid failure risks of using a “dirty retrofit” R134A and mineral oil
Problems Solved
Eco-Damaging Refrigerant Chemistries like R134A Inferior Cooling Efficiencies Inadequate HFC or CFC Refrigerant Blend

RS-24 is an ideal performance refrigerant for a range of low temperature applications, including but not limited to: hermetic and semi-hermetic systems, domestic refrigerators, refrigerated transport, cold storage, cellar cooling, dairy chillers, vending machines & mobile unit air conditioning.