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ComStar International Inc. has nearly 50 years experience manufacturing and delivering environmentally safe technologies across a multitude of industries. ComStar provides a broad portfolio of solutions tailored for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) as well as plumbing, transportation, air quality, building maintenance and construction.  They have partnered with ChemPoint on their performance refrigerant product line to replace harmful HCFC chemistries like R-22 and more. 

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ComStar Articles
ComStar Refrigerants thumbnail
ComStar Refrigerants provide replacements for High Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant technologies like R22. Upgrade to the next-gen solution today.
ComStar - Chiller Loops and Glycol thumbnail
ComStar performance refrigerants help replace dated and harmful chemistries like R22 and R404 in a variety of industrial and commercial chillers. Learn how they're successfully used with glycol thermal fluids for chiller loops here.
ComStar - Refrigerants for Ice Rinks thumbnail
The US EPA has restricted the import of R22 effective Jan 1 2020, as a result thousands of ice rinks around the country need to find a suitable eco-friendly replacement. ComStar has provided the only true drop-in replacement with their RS-45 refrigerant. Learn more about the conversion process here.
ComStar - Refrigerants - R22 Replacement thumbnail
Prices for R22 are skyrocketing as supply dwindles and it looks like this trend will continue to get more and more expensive. Systems needing a recharge are left either emptying their wallet or searching for a replacement technology. ComStar is here to help with their performance refrigerant portfolio with the easiest drop-in replacements for R22, R410A, R407A and more. Learn more ►