Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant (ASHRAE R470B) to Directly Replace R404A and R507 in Wide Range of Conditioning and Refrigeration Market Applications.
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Product Overview

RS-51 is a low global warming potential replacement outdated and harmful chemistries like R404A and R507. RS-51 is a non-flammable technology that exhibits 80% less GWP when compared to R404A.

RS-51 is a low-cost and low maintenance drop-in replacement offering an easy process with minimal required changes to current system lubricant, component, or equipment.

RS-51 meets ASHRAE R470B material specifications and safety regulation requirements and is manufactured in the United States by ComStar International.

Product Specifications

ASHRAE Number: R470B
Molecular Weight: 89.73
Temperature Glide: ~4.1 K
Ozone Depletion Potential: Zero
Critical Temperature: 201.7°F (94.29°C)
Critical Pressure: 54.66 Bara (792.8 psia)
Boiling Point (@ 1 atm): -78.6°F (-61.45°C)
Liquid Density (25°C): 1107 kg/m³
Density of Saturated Vapor (25°C): 56.74 kg/m³
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point: 259.9 kJ/kg
Vapor Pressure (25°C): 17.07 bara (247.7 psia)
Surface Tension (25°C): 0.00642 N/m

Features & Benefits
Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) Global warming Potential 80% less than R404A Additional Safety through Non-Flammable Performance Low Toxicity Compatible with Lubricants used with R404A and R507 Systems Mass Flow & Discharge Pressure Equivalent to R448A and R449A Suitable in OEM and retrofit applications
Problems Solved
Environmentally Harmful Refrigerant Market Technologies (high-GWP) Inadequate Refrigerant Cooling Efficiency Poor Compatibility with Refrigerant & Lubricant

RS-51 is a premium performance refrigerant for use in a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

Supermarket Refrigerant systems, cold storage, freezers, evaporator, ice machines, refrigerated transportation market, beer cellars, freezer cabinets, freeze dryers, environmental test chambers & much more.