ADCOTE™ 3840D is solution based polyester resin that can be used as a primer, heat seal adhesive, or binding resin. It is highly UV and temperature stable.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 3840D is a solution of polyester resin in 1,3-Dioxolane. It can be applied to most any surface at 2.0-6.0 lbs / ream coating weight and provides excellent adhesion particularly to metal and plastic making it an excellent primer for difficult to bond surfaces. ADCOTE™ 3840D can also be used as a base for coating, ink, and adhesive formulations. It is highly economical and shows excellent compatibility and acceptance to pigments and fillers. In addition, ADCOTE™ 3840D is recommended for outdoor and general industrial applications die to its outstanding UV and temperature stability.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Dark Green Solution
Weight Solids: 40%
Viscosity, cps: 5300
Density: 9.6
Solvents: 1,3-dioxolane
Recommended Diluents: MEK, Toluene Coreactant Coreactant F*
Mix Ratio: 100 pbw Adcote 3840D
3.2 pbw Coreactant F
Shelf Life: 360 days in unopened containers
Primary Chemistry: Polyester
Features & Benefits
Excellent adhesion across a broad range of surfaces
Good weather resistance
High pigment/filler acceptance
Enhanced UV and temperature stability

Problems Solved
Poor adhesion due to low surface energy
Poor UV stability of resins used for coatings, inks, and adhesives
Flexible packaging
Medical packaging
Microwavable packaging
Condiment packaging
Industrial Adhesives
Printing Inks