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Dow PARALOID™ Plastic Additives


Dow PARALOID™ plastic additives are a series of products designed to optimize a variety of resin systems. The portfolio includes processing aids, impact modifiers, and specialty acrylic polymers.

Problems Solved

Low impact resistance, strength, and durability of plastics, adhesives, coatings, and other polymeric materials Insufficient ductility and viscosity control in polymeric and resin-based formulations
Surface deformations under pressure or after impact
High production rejects during the processing of plastics, coatings, and adhesive materials
Uniformity and durability issues in films, plastics, and flooring applications
Low foam expansion in the processing of vinyl tiles and LVT applications
Slow fusion and low melt strength in the extrusion and calendaring processes of plastics
Extended lead time, high MOQ, or supply issues of acrylic and MBS impact modifiers and processing aids

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