Alkyl Benzene Heat Transfer Fluid for Liquid Phase Thermal Transfer Applications (-10°C to 315°C).
Product Overview

DOWTHERM™ T is a heat transfer fluid based on a mixture of alkyl benzenes (C14-C30) for use in non-pressurized liquid systems -10°C to 288°C (14°F to 550°F) and max bulk temperature of 315°C (600°F). DOWTHERM™ T fluid exhibits good low temperature properties and exceptional stability at high temperature operation.

DOWTHERM™ T provides incredibly long fluid life and excellent heat transfer across a very broad range.

Product Specifications

Fluid Operating Temperature Range: 14°F to 550°F (-10°C to 288°C)
Vapor Pressure: 2.6
Specific Heat: 0.446°F
Viscosity: 252
Density: 55.81
Freezing Point: <14°F (-10°C)
Flash Point: 370°F (188°C)
Autoignition: 707°F (375°C)

Primary Chemistry: A mixture of C14-C30 alkyl benzenes
Features & Benefits
Synthetic organic fluid alternative to Hot Oils Optimum economic bulk operating temperature 288°C No steam tracing required to -10°C Liquid phase heat transfer operation only Does not require pressurized expansion tank
Problems Solved
Ineffective Thermal Fluid Start-up at Low Temperatures
Poor Heat Transfer Fluid Stability or Chemical Incompatibility

DOWTHERM™ T is an ideal heat transfer fluid of choice in a wide range of thermal transfer applications including, but not limited to:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Refineries
Plastic Processing
Chemical Processing
Solar Energy Systems
Heat Recovery
Industrial Boilers
Jacketed Reaction Vessels
Environmental Test Chambers